We Followed our Heart. And now Live our Passion.

It all started in Bali. Here's Our Story.

Hello my friend ❤️,

thank you for taking the time. I cannot wait to tell you more about my vision, about Offgrid, how it all started and and how I hope to inspire you to join me on this journey.

Let me start by telling you where the idea and initial vision came from. I feel that’s probably the best way to understand how much all this really means to me.

In 2018, I travelled to Bali for the very first time. It was life-changing. Literally. Besides the incredibly beauty of the island and the genuine kindness of the people of Bali, I soon learnt a lot about the extraordinary benefits of meditation, of mindfulness, of slowing down and taking time off, of spending valuable time in nature, of observing and immersing in little things, and how all this together can have a incredible positive impact on our lives and health.

Back in Berlin, having been in the fast pace world of "start-ups" for over a decade – with meditation and mindfulness I seem to have found a new source for more balance, more energy and more calmness. And step by step, from occasionally practicing here and there, and trying out new things and techniques, I tried and found many new tools to a more balanced and better life. And it all became not just a regular exercise but really the foundation of my life. And daily routine.

Practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga regularly over time really completely transformed my life. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel or live like a hippie. :) But it has become my source of life energy. Of being and feeling much more balanced. With all that I feel calmer, more at peace with myself, less stressed and genuinely happier. I take obstacles calmly and respond to seemingly annoying things or moments easier and more controlled. I sleep better, feel stronger, am healthy, balanced, and basically am enjoying every moment of my life more than ever before.
Björn Welter
our founder

Our team

Curt Cremin
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Curt Cremin

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Celine Sipes
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Celine Sipes

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Blaise Braun
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Blaise Braun

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Albertha Pollich
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Albertha Pollich

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Georgianna McLaughlin
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Georgianna McLaughlin

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Rylan Herman
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Rylan Herman

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Sincere Mitchell
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Sincere Mitchell

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Julia Tremblay
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Julia Tremblay

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Brianne D'Amore
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Brianne D'Amore

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Chasity Barrows
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Chasity Barrows

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Spending time in nature can help us reduce stress, build resilience, enhance cognitive function, foster creativity, and feel more connected to others. That's why we created Offgrid - to make it easier and more accessible for you to tap into the restorative power of nature, just as you would a gym.

We are so thrilled. 😊🙏 Due to such a high demand however, we are already fully booked at the moment, (before we have even launched properly).

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