Are you into mindfulness, mental fitness and meditation? Do you love being out in nature? Do you enjoy storytelling? Are you into design and brand experiences?

And most importantly, do you wear your heart in the right place?

If all this sounds like you, then we are looking for you.
Come and join us to create unforgettable moments (and memories) out in nature.

Our vision is what got us started. Our purpose is what keeps us going. Every day. That's why we've started Offgrid. To touch people's hearts and make them feel something. To create unforgettable memories, moments and emotions. Out in an Offgrid Cabin. But Offgrid does not stop there. Offgrid is not a destination. It's a journey.

Our broader vision is to help and inspire people to live happier and healthier. And our beautifully designed cabins are really just one element of our broader vision for Offgrid.

So how does that sound? Can you see yourself? Do you share our vision?  If all that speaks to you, then please let us know you are out there and get in touch. Email us, text us, call us. And even if there is not a specific position listed here, but that you would like to see or work in – if you feel Offgrid could be the right place for you (and your heart), then please reach out to us.

We are building a team who is kind and caring, with the right attitude, a genuine warm personality and an open heart. In a nutshell – a team who wears their ❤️s in the right place.  

We cannot wait to hear from you. 😊🙏

All the best,
(Founder of Offgrid)

Our open positions…

We are so thrilled. 😊🙏 Due to such a high demand however, we are already fully booked at the moment, (before we have even launched properly).

We will notify you as soon as a spot becomes available for you ❤️. So please feel free add yourself to the waitlist below.

Thank you for signing up to our waitlist!
We will keep you posted and inform you as soon as something becomes available. We can't wait to welcome you! 😊
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Write us using our contact form below or get in touch via phone or email. We're looking forward to get to know you!

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