Our founder's personal favorites. To inspire You. To live happier and healthier.

A lot has lead to where we are today. And it is time to share it. With you. A small selection of inspiring people, to books and things that truly have inspired us and made a difference in our lives. May you also find something to inspire you.

What we have read. That has lead us to today.

Inspiring Talks. Podcasts. And Audio Books.

Fascinating Sleep Hacks that will Change Your Life

Matthew Walker - the world's no.1 sleep expert
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The Human Brand

How We Relate to People, Products, and Companies
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This is what Offgrid sounds like.

And what has inspired you? What is your "one thing"? What has made a difference in your life? What has left a mark? We'd love to know.

We always love to hear from you. So please feel free and share your "one thing" that has inspired you, touched your or made a difference your life.

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